Privacy Policy

Last update: January 21, 2024

Personal Infomation

Creative Nephew will only collect data for the purposes on maintaining detailed service records and purchase receipts to provide an accurate history for our customers. Creative Nephew will NOT share, trade or sell this personal information to any third party entities and will limit access to this information to the employees of Creative Nephew.

Vehicle Information

Creative Nephew keeps a digital record of all services provided to it's customers. These detail records are stored and kept private in a database for historical purposes. Creative Nephew currently has an association with Car Fax and receives vehicle information as well as service history for vehicles serviced by our customers. In exchange, Creative Nephew provides CarFax with service information on that vehicle but does NOT provide any personal or financial information for that service. Customers can request the option to not send data to CarFax for any current or any future services. With the exception of CarFax, Creative Nephew does NOT share, trade or sell any vehicle information to any third party entities.